4 Products I Regret Purchasing

4 products i regret purchasing. they were either too expensive and not worth the price or they just didnt work for me. not your mothers. big sexy hair. it cosmetics

We’ve all been through it before: we buy products that are highly recommended or are hyped up on social media, and then they let you down. Countless times. You try them over and over again and still no luck.

Today I wanna share products I purchased that really weren’t worth the money or just flat out didn’t work.

*Disclaimer* These products did not work for me but I am just one person. They may work for you and have benefits for you, but not for me.

purchased products that were not worth the money

1. It Cosmetics – Confidence In A Cream For All Skin Types Transforming Moisturizing Super Cream $48

I actually got this moisturizer as a present but I was extremely excited to try it because I’ve heard such great things about It Cosmetics, especially this product. Unfortunately, it was a let down for me. It consistency is so thick that I have trouble spreading it onto my face. Not only that, but I feel it doesn’t moisturize my face at all. I didn’t feel it working its magic. *I have combination skin, where sometimes I’m incredibly oily and other times my skin is incredibly dry (all in one day).*

purchased products that just did not work for me

2.  Big Sexy Hair – Volumizing Dry Shampoo $17.95

This product literally just did not work. I don’t know if my hair is just too oily or if I’m not using the product correctly. Either way, no white residue comes out and definitely does not take away the oiliness in my hair. I’ve tried it a few times but I can’t seem to get it to work the way I need it to. Anything else have this problem with this product?

3. Not Your Mother’s – Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream $5.99

This product did absolutely nothing for me. In all honestly, my natural hair type is somewhat wavy and somewhat straight so maybe this product is only useful for those with naturally curly hair. If anyone has tried this and has a similar hair type to me, please let me know! I need help!

4. Australian Gold – Instant Bronze Self Tanning Lotion

You guys, I’ve had this for so long that I can’t even find a link to the exact product. Either way, its incredibly streaking and way too orange tone. I’ve tried it a few times to give it its fair use but its failed me.



Hope you enjoyed this post! Again, these are products that didn’t work for me but they may work for you.

If you have any products you regret purchasing comment below!





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