2016 Yearly Favorites: Beauty, Movies, & More

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Well 2016 is over and a new year has begun. I am grateful for the many opportunities I was given in 2016 and will continue to pursue in this new year.  I jumped on the bandwagon a bit later than I had hoped but I decided to write a post on my 2016 favorites, products I’ve used throughout the year and fun, little movies and TV shows that stood out to me. All these items I would recommend to family and friends, and of course you guys!

My favorites of 2016


One of my favorite hair care products in 2016 was the Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Treatment. It has 20 benefits for your hair: leave in for nourishment, boosts shine, smoothes the cuticle, helps prevent breakage from brushing, adds moisture, helps prevent heat damage, helps fight frizz, helps even out porosity, minimizes damage, detangles, reduces dryness, conditions lightly, controls fly aways, controls fly a ways, helps prevent split ends, helps soften, makes blow dry process easier, helps correct roughness, helps shield against external aggressors, improves manageability, primes hair for styling. Personally, I’ve noticed it detangles my hair extremely well and makes my hair smell AMAZING for days!!! This stuff really works and I will definitely be buying another bottle once I run out.

My favorite face product of 2016 was Mac Cosmetics Pro Longwear Powder. I am in the shade, light. I like this powder because its light weight and covers well. Also I noticed that if you really concentrate the product under your eyes, it is possible to make your concealer not crease. Using the applicator sponge the packaging comes in, dab the product under your eyes a few times and the product should stay on without creasing! Perfect for long days when you don’t have time to fix up your makeup!


2016 is the year my boyfriend and I started dating. Due to his passion for the Avengers and his love for Captain America, I decided to watch all the Avengers movies with him. It was my first time and definitely not my last. I never pictured myself to be a girl who would like superhero movies, but I did. I liked Batman, Superman, Iron Man, and of course Captain America. If you haven’t watched these movies yet, even if you think you wouldn’t like them, give them a shot. You’ll be surprised.

Tv Shows

Shows that I watched a lot throughout 2016 was Full House and Fuller House. You can catch reruns of Full House on TV regularly and Fuller House is a Netflix Original. I’ve talked about these shows previously in my post of my favorite Netflix shows which you can find here.


In 2016, snacking was crucial. In between classes I would always want something to eat and didn’t have much time to head to the dining hall. Thus, I always had something in my backpack that would be an afternoon pick-me-up. These items included: cheese sticks, peanut butter crackers, and honey nut cheerios. These snacks are all healthy and incredibly yummy too!


2016 brought me my new, all-time favorite candle from Bath & Body Works. The candle is called Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte. The fragrance notes are described as pumpkin latte, toasted marshmallow, creamy sandalwood, white ginger, and praline mask. This scent came out in September and I could not get enough of it. Any time I was at home, I’d burn the candle. Any time I was at my boyfriend’s house, I’d burn the candle. I even bought this scent in a body wash because it was just that good!! Take my word for it, it is AMAZING.

I really enjoyed all these products and movies/TV shows in 2016. What are some of your 2016 favorites? Leave them in the comments below!



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