8 Reasons To Join A Sorority

8 Reasons to join a sorority. If you're thinking about joining a sisterhood, here are so many reasons why its worth it and you will see that its the best decision you can make.

As some of you may now know from social media posts, I have joined a professional pharmacy sorority this fall semester. Though it hasn’t been long, I am very grateful for the opportunity to be in a sisterhood of such inspirational, beautiful, and smart women. I believe it will be an amazing few years to come and I’m incredibly excited for my future with my new sisters.

As a young teenager, I always watched movies based on college girls and most of the time, the girls were in a sorority. I truly believed in the sorority girl stereotype: beautiful, blonde, and skinny. Not to mention all the drama and “mean girls.” I wondered if it was something that I would enjoy and want to be a part of. My cousin was in a sorority during her time at college and I noticed how she’s still close with all of her sisters, even though it has been twenty years. I wanted lifelong friends too, but I just didn’t know if I would fit in.

Fast forward about ten years later and here I am, a member of an amazing sisterhood. The sorority I am apart of is a little different since it is professional. We emphasize professionalism in our field of study and hope to develop independent, successful women. I sit here writing today that I am proud to be in this sisterhood and the stereotypes are incredibly inaccurate. My sorority has girls of all different nationalities, races, and ethnicities. All of the girls have good grades and care about giving back more than doing their hair and makeup.

So if you’re contemplating joining a sorority, here are eight reasons why you should rush:

Reasons To Join A Sorority

8 Reasons to join a sorority. If you're thinking about joining a sisterhood, here are so many reasons why its worth it and you will see that its the best decision you can make.

1. Connections

You would not believe the amount of connections you can get from being a part of a sorority. Reaching out to alumni can help with finding jobs, internships or just new information about your field of study. The girls are excited to hear from you and want you to reach out to them so don’t be shy.

2. Huge Support System

In a sorority there are usually between 30 and 100 girls (it depends on each individual sorority). Can you imagine having 50 some girls supporting you and helping you through life? It may sound super cheesy and corny, but these girls really do care about one another and root each other on.

3. Study Buddies

No matter what type of sorority you join (whether it is Greek or professional), you will always have girls in your grade that you can do homework with. Even if you don’t have the same classes, you can always ask for help. This is especially true if there are older girls who have already taken your professor and can give you advice on how to ace tests and papers.

4. Roommates

Are you thinking about moving off campus? Living with your sorority sisters is a great way to go. You will become closer and create an even stronger bond.

5. Getting a BIG

Literally one of the best parts about a sorority. Who doesn’t want a big to spoil you with love and presents??? Just kidding, but really, your relationship with your big is what you make of it. If you want to be super close, it can and will happen. Your big will be your biggest cheerleader and your forever best friend.

6. Giving Back to Your Community With Your Best Friends

Every sorority has a philanthropy that they are very passionate about. Every year they raise as much money and awareness as possible for their respective organization. Sororities do a lot of community service. Some examples include going to cancer awareness walks, elementary schools, soup kitchens, and so on. Working hard and raising money for the poor, the hungry, or those less fortunate feels really good and getting involved is important for developing into an intelligent and successful adult.

7. Formal

I don’t know about you guys, but I love getting dressed up and dancing the night away. Formal is just like another prom except you’re all wearing cocktails dresses rather than prom dresses. These nights are the most fun because you have the chance to let loose after a semester of intense studying. Who doesn’t want to relive prom every year?

8. Building Your Resume

Your future employer will not base your employment based solely on your gpa. There is so much more that goes into it. Future employers want to see what you have done in college rather than just sitting at the library everyday. Sure, your grades count, but your personality and work ethic counts more. By having a sorority on your resume, you look more professional and you seem more qualified. Sororities prepare you for the real world and real problems you may face. By being involved in a sorority, your employer will know you participated in fundraising, community service, and leadership throughout your college years. This is essential if you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd.



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