Fall Date Ideas On A College Budget: Less Than $20

Fall Date Ideas On A College Budget: Less Than $20. Cute date ideas for the cooler, fall weather with your boyfriend that won't break the bank and is a cheap yet fun date!

I’ll be the first to say that dating in college is a lot of fun. Dating is not just a boyfriend/girlfriend but a best friend you can experience new things with and adventure all over the world (well, maybe not all over the world during college). My boyfriend and I love going out and doing new things together. Creating memories strengthens your relationship and you can look back at the memories with a smile.

Some dates tend to get really expensive so I’ve created a list of fall date ideas on a college budget. These ideas I’ve either tried out myself or they’re on my radar for my next date with my boyfriend, Chris.

Fall Date Ideas On A College Budget: Less Than $20. Cute date ideas for the cooler, fall weather with your boyfriend that won't break the bank and is a cheap yet fun date!

1. go Mini-golfing

Mini-golfing is a great way to get out of the house and have some good ‘ol fun on a Sunday afternoon. It is also extremely affordable! Around the tristate area, mini-golf for two people ends up costing just about $20!

2. go Bowling

Bowling is so much fun on a Friday or Saturday night! Most bowling alleys have a glow in the dark theme so make sure to wear white!!! Go ahead and check your local bowling alley’s website because I found tons of deals for my regular bowling alley. Deals like $3 games on Tuesday’s and unlimited games on Thursday’s for $10.

3. go Bike riding

This one is cheap and easy if you know how to ride a bike. Bike riding in the fall weather is perfect because it’s not too hot or too cold.

4. Try out a new ice cream parlor/dessert place

Recently, we tried out an Italian Ice stand on Long Island that we both never tried before. It was cool getting to try different flavors of Italian Ice. That date will definitely go in the books!

5. Go apple/pumpkin picking

This is something you have to do in the fall time!!!! You can have a great time picking the perfect apple or pumpkin and then going home to eat it!! Best of both worlds!!

6. starbucks coffee & homework date

If you’re a STEM major like myself then you know the struggles of getting tons of homework and having to complete some on the weekend because the weekdays are just not enough. If you’re having one of those weekends where you’re swamped with homework, you and your significant other can meet up at Starbucks for coffee and do homework together!

7. Find a new, cool coffee shop

Personally, I love coffee and am always excited about finding new coffee shops around my area. Do a google search of coffee shops in your area and make a date out of it! Going to a new place with your significant other is a new memory that you can always look back on!

8. go-karting

This is one of my favorites! I love the thrill of getting in the go-kart and racing!! If you’re into it too, it’s a great fall date idea and it won’t break the bank!

9. make a photoshoot

Chris and I tend to have a lot of photoshoots since I’m always trying to come up with great content and pictures for this blog. However, if you’re not a blogger, you can still set up a photoshoot and post pictures on your Instagram instead. Put on a cute outfit with some makeup and shoot for the camera!

10. find a popular garden/park for a stroll

Since I currently live in New York City, this date idea is perfect. There are so many different parks and gardens that would be perfect to take a stroll in on a nice, fall day. I’m excited for the weather to get a bit colder to go walk in Central Park!


I hope these ideas can spark some more ideas for you and your significant other. Have fun with these fall date ideas because you deserve a nice date after a day full of classes!




6 thoughts on “Fall Date Ideas On A College Budget: Less Than $20

  1. Loving all these ideas! I have always wanted to go apple picking with the boyfriend but we never have actually gone. Maybe this year we finally will!

    xx, Jamie

    1. My boyfriend and I have not yet dated in the fall months so this will be our first Halloween and Thanksgiving together. I’m extremely excited because the fall time is our favorite time of the year! Can’t wait to go pumpkin picking and carve out some faces! Haha thank you for reading Jamie!

    1. I just recently got my boyfriend into liking coffee 😉 I think we’ll be checking out tons this winter when the weather gets cooler! Thanks for reading April!

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