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Isabelle and Chris - Boyfriend Makeup Knowledge Tag

I’m officially moved into my new room at college and everything is starting to feel surreal now. Sophomore year is about to begin and I’m incredibly excited yet scared.

Since I’m just getting into the wing of things at school, I thought I would do a funny tag for todays post. It’s light hearted and fun! Just what we all need after move in day and all the overwhelming thoughts of the coming school year. It’s the boyfriend makeup knowledge tag with my boyfriend, Chris!

Alright, here goes nothing. My boyfriend Chris will be answering questions about what each makeup item is and what it does/how it works!

Foundation: All over right? All over your face?

Concealer: Umm..cheeks?

Powder: On your cheeks and your forehead?

Blush: Over here? *pointing to cheeks* Upper cheeks?

Bronzer: Uhh I guess all over your face..I don’t know. Wait maybe just your cheeks? Why is everything on your cheeks though? Maybe I’m wrong.

Highlighter: Umm the upper cheek right? Like up here, right? *pointing to bone on top of the cheek and up towards the temples*

Eyeliner: It’s not for the eye brows is it? Or just over here? *pointing to the eye lashes* Yes, here this line over the eye lashes.

Mascara: That goes on your eyelashes.

Eye Shadow: Right here, I don’t know what its called.. the eyelid?

Contour: I really don’t know.

Primer: Don’t know.

Brow Pencil: Up here *pointing to eye brows*

How was this test?

Extremely hard.

Could you do my makeup the way I usually do?

Do you mean if I apply it to your face? No.

Well, he didn’t do too bad. Chris does watch me do my makeup sometimes so he knows a thing or two. He doesn’t really know the names of the products I use however, if he looks at my collection he’ll know which product goes where on my face. It would be really funny to see him do my makeup one day. Maybe I’ll make a video!

I challenge you and your significant other to try this challenge too! How much does he really know about the makeup you’re putting on?





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