10 Items A College Girl Cant Live Without

10 Items a College Girl Can't Live Without.No matter what college or university you're going to, you'll want these products to help you every semester. College moving in done right with the best products and the best advice for a better college life!

Back-to-school season is here and I’m dishing ten items that a college girl can’t live without. These items have been holy grails for me. No matter what season or what semester, this list will come in handy!

Lets get right into it!

What a college girl cant live without

10 Items a College Girl Cant Live Without.No matter what college or university you're going to, you'll want these products to help you every semester. College moving in done right with the best products and the best advice for a better college life!

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1. rain boots

Now this might depend on where you go to school but I think it rains anywhere, right? Rain boots are a must have. I know I’ve used mine countless times during the spring semester and I think every girl should keep a pair in her college dorm. A lot of girls like Hunter Boots but they tend to be very expensive, but have no fear, get Kamik Women’s Rain Boot for WAY CHEAPER.


I’ve said this before and I’ll probably say it again another gazillion times, but PLANNERS ARE EVERYTHING IN COLLEGE. They keep you so incredibly organized!! In college, you have lots of classes and lots of assignments to keep track off. Just write it all in your planner and look back at it a few times a day. I’m telling you, your planner will be your life saver! I promise! You can check out a previous post on my favorite planner here.


No matter if you’re a commuter or a student living in the dorms, a comfy yet nice pair of sneakers is so necessary for college. I’m a girl that loves to dress up and look my best for school, however you NEED sneakers in college in order to survive. I’ve used my sneakers countless times to go to the gym, for athletic school events/activities, and even to adventure around New York City. There is a ton of walking to do on campus so wear your sneakers to keep your feet happy! Personally, I love my white converse because they’re comfortable and they match with a lot of my outfits!

4. CARD Phone CASE

This one has become SO important in my life. When you’re going to the cafeteria just to get food or to the gym for a quick run, taking your whole backpack is probably too much of a hassle. Instead, take just your phone and school ID card. I love having a phone case that has a perfect slot for a few of my cards and a little cash. I totally recommend this to anyone in college because its so easy and helpful. If you don’t want to buy a whole new case, you can go on Amazon and just buy the Adhesive Sticker Pocket Pouch. It sticks on to the back of your phone perfectly!

5. FAN

You seriously would not believe how hot it gets in the dorms. A fan is necessary to literally survive in your college room. The college purposely doesn’t allow the window to open much at all so your fan is probably your only way to stay cool. I recommend one that rotates back and forth to get the entire room cool.

6. Pillow backrest

If you do your homework on your bed, this is an amazing invention and I’m upset I didn’t think of it first. This pillow is so comfortable to rest on while sitting in bed, even if you aren’t doing homework but just watching T.V. They come in tons of different colors so you can find one that matches your room decor perfectly.

7. re-useable water bottle

While being away at school you may not be able to drag tons of cases of water. Instead, bring one or two of your most favorite re-useable water bottles. Thus, you can continue to refill it using the water fountains at your school. This is a great way to save money, save space, and protect the environment all in one shot. I’d say thats pretty good eh?

8. camera

During college there are so many fun times and activities going on. My school, in particular, has a winter carnival and a spring carnival. Both are super fun to go with your new college friends! But you need somehow to remember the memories? That’s where a camera comes in! If you’re a blogger like myself then a good camera is essential for great picture quality for your blog posts and Instagram pictures. Currently, I’m using the Canon PowerShot SX530 HS. I really like it and got it for a great bundle price on Amazon!

9. mints/gum

Unfortunately, we all get stinky breath sometimes. It happens to everyone so don’t get embarrassed. There is something you can do about it!! Mints or gum can totally be a life saver. Pop one right before class or a date with a cute boy to feel yourself again! I can’t live without gum during college.

10. Sunglasses

A pair of really good sunglasses are always needed! It’s a great way to keep the sun out of your face and still stay stylish! I recommend buying a pair that is quite cheap just in case you lose them or they break (I’ve ruined so many pairs of sunglasses so I never purchase them for more than $20). I personally love my cat eye sunglasses from Rocawear. I purchased them for $10 at Marshall’s. What a steal?!


These items have been so important to me during my first year of college. I hope this post was helpful since the fall semester is just around the corner. What’s something you can’t live without?




2 thoughts on “10 Items A College Girl Cant Live Without

  1. When I went to school up north, my Hunters were lifesavers! Now, my Bose earbuds and my umbrella are probably my two essentials! I need to have access to music at all times, especially if I might find myself with an awkward gap between classes. And in Florida, it could rain at any time, so a mini umbrella is crucial, unless you don’t mind getting drenched! Haha 🙂

    Alexa | theicingontheplaylist.com

    1. Anything and everything rain related is necessary, I totally agree!! I stopped using umbrellas at my college though because the wind was so intense that each time I’d use it, it would get completely destroyed. It just became a waste of money. So a rain jacket and rain boots are my go to instead. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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