Ultimate College Backpack Essentials List

Ultimate College Backpack Essentials List - Back to School

School is just around the corner and we’re all scrambling to pack all the essentials. You’re probably thinking about all your dorm room decor, bedding, and your makeup. However, your backpack is just as important as your decor . *If you are still interested in dorm room decor, you can find a post I recently wrote here.*

Since backpacks are essential for college everyday life, I created a huge list of items you may possibly need. This list is quite heavy and contains literally ANYTHING you can think of. Depending on your personality and the climate around you, you may not need everything on the list. Thus, if you’re a girl who doesn’t wear makeup then you wouldn’t need a makeup bag, or if you go to college in Florida you wouldn’t need Winter earmuffs and gloves.

Ultimate College Backpack Essentials List - Back to School

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ultimate college backpack list

Ultimate College Backpack List

Bonus free printable list

Click this Ultimate College Backpack Essentials List to get your FREE PRINTABLE!! You’ll be able to check off every item on the list. Thus making sure you haven’t forgotten anything to begin classes this semester.

My backpack

Throughout freshman year, I wore the most convenient backpack out there. A JanSport. Most likely you’ve heard of JanSport backpacks. They’re widely known in many different countries. They’re extremely sturdy and long lasting. I would seriously recommend it to anyone. If you’re a girl that wants a stylish backpack, JanSport has tons of styles and pretty designs. I found tons of pretty and stylish backpacks on Amazon! Here are just a few of the cute ones I like. Shop these backpacks below!

JanSport SuperBreak Backpack (Multi Fireworks)

JanSport Backpack Back to School
JanSport Backpack Shady Grey/White

JanSport Backpack Back to School

I hope you found this helpful. I’d like to know – What are your top 5 essentials for your college backpack? Is there anything I didn’t include in the list that you think would be beneficial? Comment below!



8 thoughts on “Ultimate College Backpack Essentials List

    1. Thank you so much Jasmine! I noticed there were a ton of packing lists but nothing about backpacks so that’s when the idea popped into my head lol

  1. Reading this made me feel so unprepared! Haha 🙂 I don’t carry around much, but I don’t really need much, either. My large Longchamp typically totes around a grand total of eight items: laptop (plus charger if I know I’ll be on campus awhile), notebook(s), pencil case, planner, headphones, hair tie, car keys, and a small umbrella!

    Alexa | theicingontheplaylist.com

    1. I guess it depends on if you live on campus or not. Or maybe how long you’ll be on campus for. I’m ALWAYS prepared for literally anything in my backpack. I gotchu with whatever you may need haha

    1. I could not agree more!! Coffee is amazing!! I also feel like I’m not hungry for hours after a cup of coffee so thats always a plus lol 🙂

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