Six Netflix Shows To Watch Before School Starts

The Carrie Diaries Six Netflix Shows to Watch Before School Starts

Let me just begin by saying that I love Netflix, especially Netflix shows. I love how I can watch it anywhere, at any time and it’s only $8.99/month (Netflix has not paid/sponsored me for this post, I just want to share my love for it). I’m the type of person who can watch a season in one or two days. Or finish an entire show, with multiple seasons, in a few weeks. Gossip Girl has six seasons which I finished in a month during my winter break from school. Point being, I’d like to think I’m a Netflix connoisseur πŸ™‚

Over the years I’ve found some amazing shows that I think are worth watching and worth spending all of your time fixated on your computer or television. There are some comedies in this list along with some more serious shows, depending on your preference.

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1. Gossip girl

THIS SHOW IS AMAZING IF YOU’RE INTO TEENAGE ROMANCE. There are a bunch of teenagers in this show who are in high school, soon to be college students (towards the last few seasons, they all go to their separate colleges but still stay connected). The show takes place in New York City and the girls main hangout spot is the steps of the MET (The Metropolitan Museum of Art), which I actually have a blog post on that you can read here. Anyways, the show tells the story of these friends and their daily lives. A big part of the show is a website, named Gossip Girl, that spills many secrets throughout their lives. Everyone is always trying to find out who “Gossip Girl” really is and at the very end, you as the viewer, will find out the truth. YOU WILL NEVER SEE IT COMING!!!

Gossip Girl Six Netflix Shows to Watch Before School Starts
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2. the carrie diaries

I only recently got into this show and I can’t stop watching it. It’s so flipping’ cute! Carrie is a teenage girl in Connecticut. Her mother just passed away from cancer and now its just her, her sister and her dad. Her dad decides it would be a good idea for her to have an internship in Manhattan at his friends’ law firm, once a week. There, Carrie runs into some fun with a fashion mogul and gets swept off her feet by New York City and the fashion industry. Not to mention, she’s still in high school and has high school drama with boys and “the mean girls”. This show is definitely cute, sweet, and even funny at times.

The Carrie Diaries Six Netflix Shows to Watch Before School Starts
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3. orange is the new black

Orange Is The New Black is one of my all time favorite shows. It’s a drama and it is guaranteed to make you cry more than a few times (at least it did for me, but I’m a sensitive mush ball). This show is all about female inmates in a prison, taking place in Connecticut. There’s love, hatred, and even comedy at times. It is a very serious show for the most part, considering the women are in prison and this show demonstrates their life in jail. If you can handle it, I would really recommend watching this show because it’ll keep you hooked.

Orange is the New Black Six Netflix Shows to Watch Before School Starts
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4. the fuller house

The Fuller House is the new continuation of the show, Full House back in the 90s. I remember watching Full House as a little girl and I loved it. It was a feel-good show that always put a smile on my face. When I heard they were coming out with a continuation of the show, I was ecstatic!!! Most of the actors/characters that were in the original show, came back to film this one too!! Jesse, Kimmy, DJ, and Stephanie are there too! Instead of Danny Tanner being the single dad with help from his friends and family to raise his children, DJ is the single mom getting help from her friends and family to raise her children. The content and the jokes are all the same. Very lighthearted and sweet show!

The Fuller House Six Netflix Shows to Watch Before School Starts
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5. how to get away with murder

THIS SHOW IS SO INCREDIBLY ADDICTING!!! My boyfriend and I couldn’t stop watching it. We watched every single night for two weeks straight until we completely finished two seasons. I hear there’s another season on the way on abc and I’m excited for it to come on. This show is about a law school professor, Annalise Keating, and her work outside the classroom in her real life cases. She recruits five students from her class to help her in her cases. Unfortunately, many things go wrong and the students end up in a crazy situation: I guess the title explains it all. You’ll Β just have to watch so that I don’t spoil it for you.

How to Get Away With Murder Six Netflix Shows to Watch Before School Starts
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6. graceland

Graceland is a house on the shore of Southern California. It was previously owned by a drug lord until he was finally arrested. Now six undercover FBI, DEA, and ICE agents all live under one roof, named Graceland. The show captures the lives of these six agents as they go undercover to expose prominent cartels. Along the way the agents face love, sacrifice, and near death experiences. The lies and secrets these agents keep from each other, eventually catch up to them, causing chaos throughout the house. This show will keep you hooked until the last episode, wanting more. You definitely have to give this show a shot!

Graceland Six Netflix Shows to Watch Before School Starts
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I’m curious – What are your favorite shows on Netflix? Have you seen any of the shows I’ve mentioned?



15 thoughts on “Six Netflix Shows To Watch Before School Starts

    1. OMG I’ve seen that show!!! It’s sooo good. I watched it when it was on tv although I’m not caught up right now. Because of college I haven’t been able to watch shows consistently every week like I did in high school.

    1. You’ve seen it??? You gotta catch up on it before school starts cause I wanna watch it with you in the common room!! A new season is coming in September!!

  1. This list is so helpful and such a good idea! I never know what to watch on Netflix as there can be too much choice! I’m definitely going to be checking some of these shows out!
    Amy xx

    1. There really are soooo many choices!! Pretty much everything on Netflix is good though so I wouldn’t worry about picking a random show and just going for it haha

  2. I’ve been meaning to watch The Carrie Diaries for ages. I never got around to watching it either, but I’ve got high hopes for it. πŸ™‚

    1. Girl, you gotta watch it. Its beyond cute and I love Carrie’s style even though this takes place back in the 80s. Hope you like it too!

  3. So many good suggestions! Both of my sisters have watched Gossip Girl, and I’ve only heard good things about it. It’s on my list to start watching soon. I watched the Carrie Diaries with a friend a little while ago, and I LOVED it. Even though I go back to school next week, you can bet I’ll still watch Netflix haha.

    Kathlyn | Kathlyn’s Korner

    1. Oh wow you’re going back early!! I don’t go back till the end of August. Don’t worry, I’ll be watching Netflix throughout the semester too. Just can’t stop haha

  4. I think netflix is really good value too! We only got netflix in Australia last year and it’s saved me a lot of money as I used to buy a lot of dvd series sets before them! Some I liked included: Gilmore Girls, Orange is the new black, Arrow, The Walking Dead, One Tree Hill. Nashville and Jessica Jones πŸ™‚

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