Winter to Summer Makeup Swaps

winter to summer makeup swaps

winter to summer makeup swaps

Summer is nearly approaching and I could not be more excited: concerts, parks, vacations, friends, BBQ’s and so much more. Let’s not forget to mention, NO HOMEWORK, ESSAYS, OR TESTS! Obviously summer is the best. It’s probably the best time of the year, other than the winter holidays.

Since summer is coming I thought I’d share what to swap out of your makeup bag. These items are lightweight and perfect for the hot months ahead: lets hope sweat proof too!


In the winter time I am use to wearing thick, full coverage foundation. We all want to hide those blemishes, dark circles, and pimples. However, in the summer time, a thick foundation is really not recommended. Of course, if you’re going out at night, foundation is totally an option. For an everyday use, I like to use a foundation that’s light to medium coverage with just some extra concealer. The other option is to use BB cream. There are a ton of BB creams on the market right now and I’ll definitely be trying some out because I haven’t found the perfect one for me just yet.


This next one might be a little obvious but I figured I’d still include it anyway. In the fall and winter months we tend to wear lots of nudes, plums, and overall dark colors. For spring and summer, go with a lighter color lipstick or I suggest a lip gloss. Summer is about a very effortless look so a little glitter and shine is perfect with a pink lip.


As I’ve said before on my blog, I love a matte bronzer and I always have problems finding one with no glitter. Even though I’m not a huge fan of glitter in my bronzers, it is definitely a good type of bronzer for the warmer months. Glittered bronzer gives a very shimmery and sunkist look, which is what everyone is going for. Try out for yourself which type of bronzer you prefer.


During the colder months, I’m really use to wearing powdered blush. For beach days or when I spend time by the pool, I’ll probably use a cream blush instead. By using a cream blush your makeup won’t look cakey and that’s the ultimate goal during the summer. There are also some cream blush brands that are waterproof!


No doubt you could still use your dark black liquid liner in the summer, I probably will too. However, if you’re going for a more summer look I recommend using a white pencil liner on the bottom water line and in the tear duct. This opens up the eyes and makes them look bigger.


When swimming, tanning, and relaxing in the summer, powdered eye shadow tends to come off quite fast. In order to keep your eye shadow on for longer, use a jumbo eye pencil from NYX. It’s somewhat like an eyeliner but bigger and creamier consistency.


Hope you find these winter to summer makeup swaps helpful!






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