My Summer Goals & Bucket List

Summer Goals and Bucket List

Summer Goals and Bucket List

Wow! I can’t believe it but I’ve already been out of school for a few weeks now!! Time is flying!! I’ve really been trying to rest these past few weeks since finals week was awful. I studied way too much and my brain just needed a good rest. Now that it’s been some time, I’m back and ready to get things started again.

Its summer so I’ve got about three months to live my life to the fullest. I figured I’d write what I’d like to do with my time this summer. School is not in session so I’m ready for some relaxing but also some fun. Of course, blogging will be a priority because of all the extra time I’ll have but I’m thinking more fun, light-hearted stuff: things that we, as college students, should experience. There’s a lot I still haven’t done in my life, probably lack of passion and desire but also, not having the right resources like a car and money. But no worries, I will have a car and some money here and there (don’t forget, college students are living on a tight budget). Hopefully, I’ll actually be able to experience cool, fun things this summer and take you along with me in the “LIFESTYLE” tab of this blog. I’ll take you around with me as I take pictures and write about my life this summer.


My most important goal this summer is to continue my blog. I’ve really gotten into it and it has become a passion of mine. I’m excited to have something in my life that I’m this passionate about. I love trying to create new posts and be creative because I have always thought I was an unimaginative person. I’ve always been a person that goes by the book so subjects like Math and Science have been easier for me than English. English class was always more difficult for me because it required an imagination and creativity to write. I always thought I didn’t possess these qualities. After starting this blog and now about two months into it, I’m more confident in myself and my creative writing abilities. I’m grateful and happy I started this blog to show myself that I really can do it!!!

As any other college student, I would love to get a job this summer. Hopefully higher than the minimum wage. I have sent out some resumes and filled out some applications so fingers crossed that I get a job. I’m waiting to hear back.

Another huge goal for me this summer is to study. Study? Yes, I did say study. I know it’s summer but studying a few chapters in my Organic Chemistry book will only help me in the long run next semester. I’m hoping to cover about ten chapters this summer and I believe I can do it with the help of Khan Academy!!


As for my bucket list, these are just some fun experiences I’d like to have this summer. Even though I’ve set my goals high, I still want to have some fun. So here’s just a quick list of some things I hope to do this summer.

  • Spend time with friends I met in college and hangout outside of college
  • Go to the beach and get some sun
  • Go on a mini vacation
  • Attend a carnival
  • Visit the Statue of Liberty
  • Visit the One World Trade Center
  • Go paddle boarding or kayaking
  • Go on a road trip
  • Go to the Museum of Sex
  • See another Broadway Show
  • Attend a Major League Sporting Event
  • Attend a concert
  • Go fishing
  • Have dinner at the Sugar Factory in NYC


Hope you found this blog helpful for yourself. Do you have any summer goals or a bucket list? Comment them below!




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