My May Favorites

My May Favorites-beauty, fashion, anything I'm loving this month

My May Favorites-beauty, fashion, anything I'm loving this month

It’s that time of month again!! Here are My May Favorites! I’m going to share with you my favorite products of the month – May edition! I really am starting to like these favorite’s posts because they motivate me to try new products or go back and use ones that I have buried in the back of my collection.

My first favorite is this Iphone 6 case by Speck, which you can click here to purchase. I love how it protects my phone incredibly well. I’ve had this phone for a year and a half and whenever I drop my phone while using a Speck case, my phone is still completely intact and unharmed. I particularly like this case because it has a slot in the back which can fit cards or money. It fits about three cards and a few bills. I used this case all of May while going shopping but mainly while at the gym. When at the gym, I like to make sure I have all my important things with me and I don’t like storing things in the locker room. Therefore, my credit card, license, and money is always on me because of the slot in this phone case. I happened to randomly find this case at Marshall’s for only $10 so it was a steal!

After using this Dove deodorant for two months now, I’m obsessed! Not going to lie, I sweat bad! No matter what season, what temperature, what place I’m at I’m always hot and sweaty. This deodorant works wonders. First of all, it smells amazing because it’s shea butter and secondly, this deodorant makes my armpits smell good all day long. I really mean it. It’s crazy! I’ve even tried out this deodorant while at the gym…IT STILL WORKS!!

This brush has been my savior this month. I’m so glad I heard about it from Nicole Guerriero’s videos on Youtube (click here to go to her channel). The brush is called The Wet Brush which you can purchase here. It’s purposely made for brushing your hair when wet. Yes, it still does take out a lot of you hair but I find it brushes a lot easier than a comb or a flat brush, after the shower. It’s able to take out tangles easily which I’m very impressed by. It’s pretty affordable so I bought two! Giving one away to my friend! Try it for yourself!

My next favorite is this Yoplait light yogurt. I’m not a huge fan of yogurt but I recently got into it. My favorite flavors are orange crème and the strawberry. I like to sprinkle some granola in there too and it comes out great. You could even use this yogurt to make the newly popular, acai bowl. Just put some of the yogurt in a bowl and top it off with bananas, blueberries, strawberries, and granola. Sounds yummy already!

This month I was able to try a new product, Pure E Oil. I was told that it’s good for healing the skin and with anti-aging. I decided to try it because I have some scars on my body that I’d like to heal. I think this oil has actually really helped. I noticed my scars have gone down and the red color has subsided. I just rub a little on the affected area at night and wash it off in the morning, super easy! You can purchase it at Vitamin World here.

These Sally Hansen nail polishes have been a favorite of mine for a while. I initially started buying them because they’re a lot cheaper than most other brands. On top of that, I like the applicator. It’s somewhat thick and I prefer the thicker brushes over the thinner ones. Not to mention, they come in beautiful colors!!

My last favorite for this month is Cetaphil. I use it every single day, sometimes even more than once a day. It’s a great cleanser for everyday use. I first wet my face with some water and apply Cetaphil generously on my face. I make sure to dampen my fingers and work the product into my skin before washing it off completely. It’s very light and has no scent. I highly recommend it!

I hope you enjoyed this favorites post. I’ll have another one up next month so stay tuned!



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