My Freshman Year of College Unveiled

As of today, I am no longer a college freshman!!! I seriously cannot believe I am writing a post about my freshman year of college. It’s extremely surreal but I’m so thankful for such an amazing year.

It feels like it was just a few days ago that I was thinking about the color scheme for my college dorm, buying cute decorations, and packing up all my belongings into my dad’s SVU. Here I sit, thinking about my empty college dorm: looking back at it all.

I remember how nervous I was, just like any other girl entering college. Nervous but definitely excited too. I remember being concerned about making friends, finding a boyfriend, leaving my family, and most importantly: my education. I knew school wasn’t going to be easy but it would be worth while. Not to scare you, but yes, it’s definitely hard for those of you in STEM majors (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). High school does not prepare you enough for the type of work load college tends to be. However, along the way, you learn how to become a better studier, a better reader, and thus a better student. I have learned some great study techniques that I would have never even thought of in high school. College pushes you out of your comfort zone and that’s when you start learning, not just history facts on World War II and the formulas of Calculus, but learning about yourself.

This year, I was able to make some friends that truly mean a lot to me. Of course, making friends isn’t the easiest thing to do and you definitely have to give it time but it will happen. Once you find your niche, you’ll never want to leave college.

My first semester I was aching to go home every week. I live about an hour from my college so the drive isn’t bad, but with tolls and gas it comes out quick expensive to travel every weekend. My parents weren’t always able to pick me up so I learned to stay at school and enjoy it. Once Thanksgiving break hit, I felt sad leaving school, which I had not yet felt before. I started to really like living at college.

At college, your best friend might only be a room away, or in my case two floors above. Any time you want to talk, grab a bite to eat, or just watch movies you can knock on your friend’s door and your spirits are automatically lifted. There were a few times this past year where I felt down whether it be about a boy, a poor grade on a test, or feeling homesick. My friends were the ones that helped me through the tough, but temporary situations. I can’t thank them enough for their kind hearts.

As I sit here writing this, I can honestly say I have loved my freshman year of college. I’m grateful for the memories, the experiences, and the knowledge I’ve gained to be a better, more informed individual. I’m excited for what’s ahead and the memories to come! For now, I will enjoy a break from homework and studying this summer!



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