Outfit of the Day

Hey Guys! Just wanted to share a quick outfit of the day. It’s super easy and comfortable. You probably even have these clothing items in your closet already: simple maroon top, black leggings, denim vest, light colored flats, and a black purse. For the weather right now (the 60s in New York City) it can be hard to pick out an outfit because its sunny but still chilly. My favorite thing to do is layer so that’s exactly what I did. I like to put a cardigan or denim jacket on top of, literally, any type of shirt. It gives it an effortless, yet put together look.

This look is great to wear to school but you could also dress it up with some big jewelry pieces and heels for a night out. Everything I’m wearing is super affordable and totally worth the price. I’ll link everything just in case you want to check it out!

Some of these pieces have been staples in my closet for months or even years now so I couldn’t find the exact links to my specific look. No worries, I went online and found pieces that were extremely similar for you to choose from: shoes, shirt, vest, and purse.

outfit of the day

outfit of the day outfit of the day outfit of the day

outfit of the day



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