My April Favorites

april favorites

Hey Guys!! I figured I would start monthly posts of what I’ve been loving, whether it be new products I’ve tried out or maybe some old ones that I started using again. I thought I’d also put in some fun stuff like my favorite foods and songs for each month! Check back next month for a new post!

For the past few months, the Winterberry Wonder scent from Bath & Body Works has been essential. I use the shower gel and spray every single day. The smell is sweet and I really enjoy it. I’ve gotten compliments because it stays on for HOURS, no joke!! I would definitely repurchase these two products but I recently heard they are no longer available at the store. I’ll have to go searching on Amazon for them.

No matter what season it is my lips are always dry. Usually Chapstick doesn’t work for me because it wears off fairly quickly. I started using the Nivea Lip Butter in the Raspberry Rose flavor and it has really helped my lips. It makes my lips feel really, really soft. I usually put it on before bed time and when I wake up in the morning, my lips feel amazing!!!

Just like my lips, my hands are always dry even if it is Spring time. Usually, more so after showers and before bed. I use the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion to help with my dry skin. I like it because it doesn’t have a strong, potent smell and it definitely works for my hands. I’ve been using it for months and months.

While being at college, I was exposed to an extremely amazing organization named, The Thirst Project. Right now, they’re trying to earn $50 million dollars to give the entire country of Swaziland clean, safe drinking water by the year 2022. I first heard about this organization at school and I had to contribute somehow. They were selling reusable water bottles which I ended up buying along with some pins and bracelets. Since then, I’ve been using this bottle everyday. If you have some time, check out their website and donate, even if it’s a dollar.

Since it is Spring time, I figured I’d share my favorite article of clothing. Right now, I’m obsessed with shirts that are over the shoulder or expose any type of shoulder because of it’s elegant. I also really like when these shirts are a white or a pale color because it’s very girly and a great color for Spring. I already have a few shirts like these but I’ll definitely be buying some more!

I have to include my favorite song for this month because it’s so so so so so catchy!!! It’s called, “You’re So Beautiful” by the Empire Cast. I first heard it at my Zumba class and as soon as I got back to my room, I had to put it on my Spotify and sing along. Seriously, look up this song, it’s so good!!!

My new favorite snack this month is the Nabisco 100 calorie snacks, Oreos and Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chips. Since I am on a diet, satisfying my chocolate craving can get hard sometimes. These 100 calorie snacks make it really easy for me to snack on, once in a while, when I have a sweet tooth. They taste really good and very low calorie!!

This month I’ve been trying to exercise as much as possible. I attend Zumba class every week and I love it because its exercising and having fun at the same time! I really enjoy going to Zumba with my friends because we all get to go through the sweat, the pain, and the fun together. For my workouts, I love my Nike 5.0 sneakers. I bought them sooo many months back at a Nike Outlet. I love how light weight they are and they match with literally any workout outfit I have on, since they’re black.

Hope you enjoyed My April Favorites! Comment your favorites this month!



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