Spring Shoes Under $60

Spring Shoe Trends

Spring is finally here!!! I’ve been waiting for the weather on the east coast to warm up and it finally has! Now that the weather is getting nicer, it’s time to break out the cute spring shoes! These are my absolute favorite shoes for this season.

The less dressy shoes like the converse, TOMS, and gladiator sandals are perfect for school or to run a quick errand. They’re super comfortable yet very stylish. I love throwing on some sandals with literally any outfit, whether it be plain and simple like jean shorts and a tee or a cute sundress. These shoes are so versatile, not to mention all are under $60!!

As I get older I fall more and more in love with heels. They’re a must have in a girl’s closet. I love how they make my legs look so much longer since I am only 4’11”. The trend for this spring is a tie up heel. You can find them anywhere and everywhere right now because of their popularity. I found a pair at a store called, Mandee, for just $35!! It’s hard to find a deal this good now a days.

The last pair of shoes I desperately want to talk about are my Steven Madden wedges. I am in love with them. The comfort of these bad boys are unbelievable. I could seriously walk in them forever (this is a huge statement, given the fact that I can’t walk in heels for my life). I am so happy I splurged a little on my college student budget. Definitely worth it!!

Click each type of shoe to get the link for an inexpensive spring shoe!! Stud Pumps, gladiators, nude heels, lace-up heels, booties, and wedges.

Hope you enjoyed and there’ll be more posts to come!!



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