My Must Have Makeup Items

Must Have Makeup

1 – Mac Fluidline Pen 2 – Beauty Blender 3 – NYX Butter Glosses 4 – Benefit’s

They’re Real Mascara 5 – NYX Matte Bronzer 6 – Urban Decay’s Naked Palette

7 – Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion

When it comes to makeup, every girl has her favorite makeup items. These seven items are my personal favorite and I could not live without them, really. Even though I may not wear makeup everyday, when I do, these are the items I gravitate towards.

Personally, I love Mac’s fluidline pen/liner because of how easy it is to get a straight line or even a dramatic wing. Even though it is on the pricey side, I think it’s totally worth the splurge. So far, this linear has lasted me a year and has yet to dry out or give me any problems. I completely recommend it!

The Beauty Blender is my holy grail! Hands down! Using a brush to blend in my foundation always seems to leave my face streaky. This beauty blender does an amazing job blending in your foundation or concealer effortlessly. Just make sure it’s damp and gently dab it on your skin: and magic!!

For me, it’s tough to find a gloss worth the money. Usually glosses are either too fragranced or just smell awful. After trying out many different brands, I found the NYX Butter Glosses to be my favorite. First, their selection is perfect with colors that range from nude, pink, red, purple, and brown. When I really love is how easy they glide on and most importantly, the way my lips feel once the gloss has settled in. My lips feel moisturized, even hours later, when the lip gloss has already worn off. This is the main reason why I prefer glosses over lipsticks. Lip sticks tend to dry out my lips and leave them longing for chapstick. Try out these NYX glosses and see for yourself!

Now let’s talk mascara. Every girl wants full, long lashes and that’s exactly what Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara does. I have even repurchased this product a few times because of how much I love it. The brush and formulation really works wonders!

When looking for a bronzer, I try to find one that’s matte. For the winter, fall, and spring seasons I like my bronzer without shine or glitter, while a more glittery bronzer for the summer as a sun kissed look. After spending an hour at Ulta, I only found a few and this NYX matte bronzer is my favorite. It’s quite pigmented for a drugstore brand so have a light hand with it. Totally affordable and gets the job done!

Almost everyone has heard of the NAKED Palette by Urban Decay and it’s staple in my makeup collection. I’ve been using this palette since day one and it is yet to let me down. All the colors are pigmented and beautiful. I still haven’t hit pan on any of them so this palette will continue to last me for years of beautiful eye shadow looks. It’s a must in everyone’s collection and definitely worth the price if you’re into eye makeup.

My last and final must have is the Urban Decay Primer Potion. This thing seriously works!!! My eyelids have a natural crease and in about an hour my lids are already creasing my eye makeup. I’ve tried the cheaper brands like ELF Cosmetics and the Sephora brand lid primers but they just did not work for me. After trying Urban Decay’s product I was stunned. My eyelids went hours without creasing and this product easily became a favorite of mine.

Hope you enjoy!!



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